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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the backbone of our races, we simply wouldn't be able to put these events on without their kind and generous support. 

We strive to bring the best in-race experiences and this applies to our runners and volunteers. We promise whether you're a runner, fan of the sport or a long suffering partner of a runner, your experience as a volunteer will be both rewarding and fun!

Having volunteered at races, the feeling of supporting a runner in need and seeing them embrace the moment and finish their race can be just as rewarding as running an event itself.

What you get in return

We are so grateful for any help provided by volunteers at our races and as a small token of appreciation we commit to giving you something in return.

  • Food and drink throughout.

  • A FREE race entry for you or a nominated person at an upcoming event. To the value of the original entry fee or less.

  • Massive kudos and eternal gratitude from the Embrace Ultra team.

If you're a local running club / parkrun event / event organiser and are interested in volunteering at our events we'd love to discuss this further and how we can reciprocate the offer. Please contact us at

To join us as a volunteer at one of our events, please contact us at We will contact you at least 4 weeks prior to your chosen event with further details on the plan for the day. 

Arranging Bottles
Team Hugging
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