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Runaround Kent Series 2024

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Start: 09:00am
10 mile Trail
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Join Embrace Ultra's Runaround Kent Series in 2024 for monthly community runs through Kent's scenic trails. Explore new locations, connect with fellow runners, and build the Kent running community while enjoying the beauty and challenges of 12 unique locations. The Runaround Kent Series is here to make your running journey more exciting and enjoyable.

Event Information

Introducing the Runaround Kent Series, hosted by Embrace Ultra. In 2024, we're offering 12 community runs (1 per month) that will take you through some of Kent's most scenic trails.
Our goal is to provide a platform for runners to explore new locations, connect with fellow enthusiasts, improve trail running confidence, train for upcoming events, and strengthen the running community within Kent.

Hosted at 12 different locations, each  offering their own unique charm and challenge, this is a great opportunity to see the country as you've never done before.

What's more, all of these running experiences are absolutely free. At Embrace Ultra, we believe that running should be accessible to all, and we're committed to fostering a sense of community among runners.

Join us in 2024 for a year of remarkable runs, new friendships, and a stronger Kent running community. 


The below table outlines the locations of each community run. This plan has been developed to ensure the routes are suitable for running in their chosen month and to give runners who may be participating in one of our events the chance to run a section of the course prior to the race. The specific dates and details will be communicated via our social media pages, with each month having its own events page on Facebook. Be sure to follow along to stay informed of these details. 

What to expect
These runs are not races and there are no winners or losers. We want these to be friendly runs for people of all abilities to enjoy some amazing trails with like minded people. 

Each route is approximately 10 miles and will be either looped or an out and back, to ensure we start and finish in the same location.
The start will have  parking (although some may require payment to park) and where possible there will be a coffee shop / cafe for anyone like us who craves a hard earnt coffee and cake after a run!

The routes themselves are mainly on trails, meaning runners should expect mostly undulating hills, mud in winter/following wet weather and stiles or gates. As these are not your typical paid event, Embrace Ultra has not hired any of the locations and does not have any authority / priority over other trail users. Its important that we respect each location at all times and remain mindful of other users of the trails.

You should ensure wear the appropriate footwear, clothing and take sufficient food/drink for the run, in the same way you would if you were out running on your own. Embrace Ultra will not provide food/drink or aid stations at any of these meet ups. 

We will provide everyone with a GPX file of the routes for you to print or load onto your GPS watches. None of the routes will be marked by Embrace Ultra and we will not have checked the condition prior to the meet ups. We will monitor weather conditions in the build up to the planned meet and if necessary will postpone to an alternate date.

Will I be fit enough to run 
We welcome runners of all abilities to these runs and no one will be left behind or made to feel they shouldn't be there. Our only ask is for runners to be in a physical condition to cover a 10 mile route on undulating trails.

Will I get a medal for finishing
No. These are not races and no medals will be provided for finishing. 

Will there be aid stations or medical cover 
No. You should treat these as you would a training run. Running in any form / terrain comes with hazards/risks and you should familiarise yourself with these before taking part.
Can I bring my dog
We love dogs, but we are also conscious not everyone feels the same way. As we want this to be an inclusive run we would politely ask you leave your dog(s) at home.

What if I can't keep up
This is a community event and runners of all abilities are welcome. If any runner(s) want to move at a faster pace they're welcomed to, but we will encourage runners to stay together and enjoy the chat / make new friends.

When will we know the date of each run
We will communicate the date of each run at least a month in advance and this will be done via our social media pages. we will create a Facebook event for each run, which will contain all the details and GPX route.

What if I've never run on trails before
We have all been there and this is absolutely the perfect opportunity for you to try for the first time. In addition to our Embrace Ultra coach, we hope there will be other runners there able to share tips and provide encouragement. Our only ask is that you have the fitness to cover 10 miles (no matter what pace)

Where can I park
All of the routes we have chosen start/finish in a location with car parking. It's important to know that Embrace Ultra have not hired any of the venues, nor does it have any priority over other car park users. In some locations there may also be car park charges that apply.

Will there be food and drink
Embrace Ultra will not be providing any food or drink for these runs. We encourage you to bring adequate food/drink with you for the duration of the run. In most cases the routes we have chosen have a coffee shop/cafe at the start/finish for refreshments before and after.

Will there be toilets
Most of, but not all of the locations will have public toilets. When we provide details of the runs we will advise if there's toilets on the route.

Are kids allowed to run 
As these are 10 mile trail routes with mostly undulating (but some steep) hills, we would politely ask that no one under the age of 16 attends.

What time does it start 
We will always aim to start around 9am on a Sunday morning. Any changes will be communicated on the Embrace Ultra Facebook community group

If you have any other questions, please ask them either in the Embrace Ultra Community Group on Facebook or by emailing us at

Bluebell Hill
Leeds Castle
Toys Hill
Knole Park
Kings Wood
River Medway
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