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Who is it for?

Our coaching services are available for anyone who wants to step up their running game, push their own limits, and come out the other side with an amazing accomplishment under their belt. Maybe you're:

 - Feeling intimidated by the ultra marathon distance

-  Looking to take your running up a level or are seeking a specific race target

 - Experienced a recent DNF or are struggling with pacing and fuelling strategies

 - Worried about how to fit training into your already-busy life or struggling with training consistency

 - Unsure of how to prepare for the mental challenges that come with ultra running

If any of these sound familiar, we can help.  Our coaching approach and running experience will give you the tools, guidance and confidence you need to conquer your first (or next) ultra marathon. 

How it works

Phil - NDW50_1 landscape.jpg

Coaching Package

For 2024 we're offering every athlete a 20% discount on the Ultra Monthly coaching package. With no minimum monthly commitment, we offer the flexibility of using the service for a specific race only or over a longer period of time. Contact us today to book in an initial consultation. 

Ultra Monthly

Full coaching experience for those looking to take their ultra running to the next level and beyond.

 now £80 per month

20% 2024 discount

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What's Included

  • Unlimited coach contact (WhatsApp).

  • Bespoke long range training plan and race selection guidance.

  • Weekly training plan, with ability to adjust daily when required.

  • Monthly video call.

  • Support at events (subject to location / availability).

  • Free or discounted entries to Embrace Ultra events.

  • No minimum commitment

Why choose us?

Our coaching service is designed to cater to runners of all abilities, whether you're a first time ultra marathoner or a seasoned runner looking to reach new levels. We believe there is an ultra runner in all of us and with the right training and guidance everyone can push their limits and achieve their full potential.

Our UESCA certified ultra running coach Phil will work with you to create a personalised training plan that takes into account your current fitness level, goals, and lifestyle. He will help you to develop the skills and techniques you need to succeed, whether you're looking to complete an ultra marathon or set a new personal best. 

We are not just about getting you to the finish line. We want you to embrace the whole ultra marathon experience, from the initial planning stages to crossing the finish line and beyond. . Whether its race strategy, fuelling advice, kit selection or in race support, there will be no stone left unturned. This won't simply be textbook guidance, but from the experiences we've had (good and bad) in many ultras.

So whether you're a seasoned ultra marathoner looking to up your game or just beginning your ultra journey, let us help you achieve your goals, enjoy the thrill of running and unlock your full potential.

Phil's Experience

As a UESCA certified ultra marathon coach, Phil brings a unique depth of knowledge and experience to his coaching practice. Unlike standard marathon coaching techniques, the UESCA certification is tailored specifically for ultra running. This specialised certification has equipped Phil with the tools required to guide athletes towards their ultra marathon goals effectively.

Phil is not just a coach, his own experiences as an ultra runner means he's faced both triumphs and disappointments, tested various pacing and nutrition strategies and raced in different formats and distances. This allows Phil to offer a relatable perspective to the physical and mental stamina necessary to succeed in the sport.

Beyond Phil's experience in running, his professional experience in Financial Services has provided him with transferrable skills that can benefit those that he coaches. Over the course of 15+ years, he's worked in leadership roles where he's managed and led individuals from all backgrounds. These transferable skills enable Phil to guide his clients towards and help them realise their full potential.

UESCA Certificate_edited.jpg

Race History

Phil - Barcelona_1.jpg
  • Over 15 marathons including London (PB 2:52)

  • Barcelona Track 24hrs - 208km (7th place)

  • Self Transcendence 100km

  • All Centurion 100 milers (PB 17:20 | 9th place best finish)

  • Suffolk Backyard Ultra (27 yards)

  • Multiple 50 milers including NDW50, Testway 50 miles (4th place)

  • Trans Gran Canaria Marathon

  • Labor of Love Ultra, Las Vegas

  • Many 50km races including Lea Valley 50km (PB 3:52)

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